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Expand your mind, body and spirit. Books of all kinds play an important role in the expansion of consciousness and creating a beautiful life: how to books, novels, biographies, psychology, inspiration, comedy. Here are some of my favorites. Some are linked to reviews, and some are linked to their buying pages. More books and reviews will be posted as I have time to read and review them or remember them from the past. Click any photo to go to the book or more information.

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Spiritual Wisdom: These books contain the Spiritual Wisdom of many Ascended Masters, Cosmic Ambassadors and other Spiritual and Light Beings, orally channeled through David J Adams over an eight year period from 2009 to 2018. Our Spiritual and Cosmic Friends are not bound by the constraints of Linear time, they operate in the ‘Now’ moment, so although the messages within these books have ‘dates’ attached to them, they are, essentially, TIMELESS. 

David J Adams is a Poet, a Songwriter, a Musician, an Author and Channel from Australia, but most of all a  SERVANT OF PEACE. The messages offer encouragement and inspiration for greater self-development and the development of a person’s relationship with the Earth. They are about Love and Peace and respect for others, but most of all, they speak—and perhaps sing—to your Heart. We are sure you will enjoy experiencing the Wisdom presented within the books, which are best approached by opening randomly and embracing the message that you land on for that moment or that day.

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The Magic of Affirmation Power by Michele Blood

 “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” - The Buddha 

The Buddha taught this over two and a half thousand years ago, so it’s not such a big secret. With our thoughts, we create the world. You can use your thoughts to create an awesome life through this wonderful book. This book teaches you the most unique and fastest way to plant new, positive thoughts of success, healing, and prosperity. You can turn your entire life to the positive. This book gives you clear tools to change your circumstances and life in the most joyful and totally unique ways. ~Michele Blood

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"Michele, one of our HSM Cosmic Wisdom monthly authors, has written a straightforward practical guide and workbook for beginning meditators and those who want to develop positive thinking, living, and affirmations. She not only backs up her wise practices, but give us plenty of affirmations to start with, in addition to explaining how they work and how to create ones that will enhance our lives. Having used affirmations for over 40 years, I can testify that her approach offers significant results. 
~Review by Sandy Penny, HoustonSpiritualityMagazine. Also, you can read an excerpt from the book on her Cosmic Wisdom Page. Click Here.

May All People and Pigs 

Be Happy

by Micki Fine Pavlicek (Author), 

 John Pavlicek (Illustrator)

Stuffed pig Pigalina teaches seven-year-old Claire the loving-kindness meditation to help Claire cope with the world with compassion. 


May All People and Pigs Be Happy follows seven-year-old Claire and her stuffed pig, Pigalina, through a series of encounters--with an angry friend, an elderly neighbor, and a loud, angry driver. From Pigalina, Claire learns some simple phrases that help her to feel kinder toward herself and others. First she learns: "May I be safe. May I be happy. May I feel love." These few words help Claire feel happier, more focused, and kinder toward others in her life. With each new encounter, Pigalina teaches Claire to expand her kindness--first to "May you be safe," then to "May we be safe," and then to "May all people and pigs be safe." This is a simple meditation that can be practiced by anyone regardless of religion to develop compassion, friendship, tenderness, and love. This book is as perfect for those without a background in mindfulness as it is for those who already know the loving-kindness meditation.

Infinite Possibilities
by Mike Dooley
I wrote Infinite Possibilities 10 years ago to remind readers How Powerful they are, How FAR they can reach, and How Much they DESERVE … so that they they can begin thriving as the giants they are, in a kingdom where they have been given dominion over all things. It worked — testimonials and endorsements have never stopped arriving.  Now it’s YOUR turn. You do have the power, You are guided, and, The Universe is conspiring on your behalf! This book will remind you that you are never alone. You are supernatural. You were born to be HAPPY, and it tells you how to get there. Props and love for everyone who buys the book. 
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Thanks, hugs, and hallelujah!

A How to Book for Cellular Activation by Johanna Bassols

"What is you could tell your cells what qualities to manifest?" That's a powerful beginning to a how-to book for elevating your consciousness. This is book 2 in the series, and it has a lot of practical information for those who want to follow a process of their own. It offers breathing techniques, physical exercises and foods to bring the body into alignment with your highest and best expression of your true self. Learn to release limiting and toxic beliefs that affect your health and happiness. Learn how to create new patterns, dissolve old ones that no longer serve you, and figure out what those are. It's an intense book with a process that requires a lot of changes in your life. If it resonates with you, it's a great way to initiate life-changing behaviors. The author's personal experience included: remembering information encoded in her DNA and cellular memory and connecting to higher levels of consciousness. If that's your goal, this may just be the book for you. ~Review by Sandy Penny,

 The Mother Teresa Effect by Alicia Young 
What I learned from Volunteering  for a Saint.

An Inspiring Account of What it's Really Like to Live a Life of Service - Review by Sandy Penny, HSM

If you've ever thought of volunteering for Mother Theresa's many charity locations, or going off to the Peace Corp, or doing any kind of volunteer work, this book gives you an inside look at the challenges and the rewards of these experiences. It also inspires you to do more small kindnesses in your everyday life. It is a joy to read what Alicia Young has learned from giving back to the world. And, it causes you to evaluate how you respond to life with gratitude and love toward all people. It also shares amazing stores of how  Mother Teresa affected others by being who she truly was. I highly recommend it to take your life to the next level of mindfulness and caring. 

 Visit from Heaven by Alicia Young
A Soul's Message of Love, Loss & Family

What Happens on the Other Side and Does It Affect Our Lives Here?  ~Review by Sandy Penny, HSM

As Alicia Young continues her real-life journey of openness to Spirit, she begins to experience things that few have ever heard of or discussed about our lives and how we come to live them. Do we plan our lives? What about free will? Do we choose our parents? Do they choose us? When a miscarried child of a friend shows up wanting to share his process with her, Alicia has no idea what he will say or show her, but she feels compelled to experience it. This is a thought-provoking tale of awakening to a greater view of our lives. It just might answer some question of why things happen as they do. Alicia bravely shares her experiences regardless of what others may think. 

Click for Alicia Young's Amazon Author Page and Book List. 

Become a Magnet to Money by Bob Proctor & Michele Blood

The 2nd edition of this amazing book, by the best selling authors Bob Proctor (teacher of The Secret & Beyond The Secret) and Michele Blood, is destined to become a classic for millions of seekers of Truth and Success Principles. This book covers the basics through to the highest levels of consciousness. 247 pages of mesmerizing information that anyone can understand. People who enjoy this book have created great success in their lives and relationships. Anyone desiring to become free and stop the groundhog day s of unfulfilled, daily repetitions can do so through the tools, ideas, and magic of this book. This book is for the individual who truly wishes to learn how to manifest success and prosperity into their life, beyond the Law of Attraction and who also wish to delve deeper into their Divine Nature and Soul's journey and purpose. This book will become a classic. It breaks down the often confusing language of eastern philosophies so that anyone wishing to know where they are in consciousness will understand intellectually and will be stunned with how much further they can go. The possibilities are truly unlimited.

Energy & The Universe

Energy Speaks is a clear blueprint for growth and change. Practical guidance and inspiration on things that matter most to us — including love, sex, money, personal power, self-expression & purpose, emotional healing & well-being;  how to have peace with our families — More esoteric topics include how to invoke the help of spirit guides and angels. An empowering work of a great emerging spiritual teacher filled with tools you can use to break free of limitations and transform your life. "I listen to Lee's Energy Updates several time a month when they are released, and I am so amazed at how helpful they are." ~Sandy Penny, HSM

 "The 'Quantum Age' has finally arrived. Cynthia Sue Larson understands its implications for our everyday lives--for how we can make wiser decisions, relate better to other people, manage our careers more effectively, use our dreams to provide insights, and even how we can use 'quantum jumping' for self-healing." -- Stanley Krippner 

QUANTUM JUMPS presents a radical new paradigm--that we exist in an interconnected holographic multiverse in which we literally jump from one parallel universe to another. Experience a new science of instant transformation. In a moment you can become smarter... more confident... happier... more outgoing... more effective... in better relationships... with more willpower. Gain practical tools to achieve real change in your life, regardless of past history. Leap forward to become happier and more successful, living the life of your dreams. Supported by distinguished sources from the fields of psychology, biology, sociology and physics, QUANTUM JUMPS is an inspirational book packed with practical tools for living a happier, healthier, more prosperous life.

Classic Wisdom - click images to buy books

The Secrets of Dr. Taverner by Dion Fortune Dion Fortune was the founder of a secret society. She wrote The Secrets of Doctor Taverner as her first novel, but she maintained that all the events were based on true occurrences. Many believe Taverner to be Fortune’s own spiritual teacher, Dr. Moriarty, and Rhodes to be based on Fortune herself. First published in 1926, the adventures take readers across the marshy moonlit fields of nightfall, hunting spirits and keeping watch over souls. Suffering from vampirism? Being stalked by a death hound? Haunted by past life debts? Family under a suicidal curse? From across the countryside patients and their desperate families come to seek treatment for unconventional diseases from an unconventional doctor. His secret? Treating the diseases of the occult. See More Books by Dion Fortune ... Note from Sandy Penny: I read a great deal of Dion Fortune early in my spiritual/metaphysical studies, and it was very helpful on my journey. 


How to Live with a Psychic by Crystal Hope Reid

Your Guide for Maintaining a Happy Relationship when Someone You Love Gets Weird 

4.0 out of 5 stars - Review by Sandy Penny - An Open and Honest Discussion of Living With a Psychic.  This is a good primer for those who have been judged as psychics and for those who are living with psychics in their homes. It defines some of the challenges and offers some good exercises and practices for coming to terms with the challenges. I take exception to a few of the assumptions that come from a fear base, but basically, I would recommend this book to those who are disturbed by the strange things that happen when someone connects to their psychic abilities. It's an honest discussion of what psychic life is about. It should be welcomed by many spouses, children and friends of psychics, and by the psychics themselves.

Ignite Your Inner Healer by Ana Marinho

Transformational Tools to Heal Your
Body, Mind and Soul

This is a good beginners guide and introduction to self-healing. It provides a base of understanding and some very simple tools to get you started and moving toward your highest and best well-being. It's a short summary with lots of testimonials about the way it has worked for others. If you're interested in finding out how to get started on a personal healing path, I can recommend this book.

Awakening the Soul by Michael Meade addresses the issue of the loss of soul throughout the world and the loss of meaning and truth in modern life. Michael Meade shows how meaning is essential to the human soul and uses ancient stories and compelling insights to describe how soul can be recovered and people can learn to live in truth. Drawing from dramatic episodes in his own life, Meade shows how the soul tries to awaken at critical times, and how an awakened soul is crucial for finding medicine to treat the ailments and alienation of modern life. What we need now is not a minor repair, but a major transformation of the world that can only start with the awakening of the individual soul.
You Are More Powerful Than You Think
by Dr. Fred Didomenico
A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Enlightenment and Better Living

Sandy Penny, Publisher/Editor Houston Spirituality Magazine

Dr. Fred has used his own spiritual experiences, personal growth, and consciousness expansion to synthesize insights and practices that anyone can use. His understanding of energy and consciousness and his ability to clearly express those concepts is excellent. This book is easy to understand and offers ways to use the concepts you hear bandied about in everyday life. He easily explains new concepts and ancient wisdom and offers exercises to experience the benefits for yourself. He lets you know some of the experiences you might have while using his techniques. Helping you release old inner blocks and emotional static, you can more clearly experience your own wellness and strengths. Dr. Fred empowers readers to recognize, acknowledge, express gratitude and expect more good in their lives. He turns platitudes into practices that enlighten your path and bring congruence and balance to a seemingly chaotic world. I highly recommend it for beginners and rememberers of their greatness. I would say it is a textbook, but it's way more interesting than that.  

I love my Kindle Unlimited. It so
worth the $10 I spend each month. ~SandyPenny

A Tree Taught Me the Language of Light by Philippe Paschali

What if trees could speak? What would they tell us? What kind of language would they use? Would their leaves teach us the wisdom of the Sun? Would their roots teach us the wisdom of the Earth? Could we understand them? Spiritual seeker Philippe Paschali claims to have had these questions answered by a corkscrew willow tree. What if the wisdom of the Sun and the wisdom of the Earth were the same wisdom dressed in two different costumes? What would we call this wisdom from which all costumes can be removed? The willow tree presented it as the Language of Light.

Review by Sandy Penny: A cautionary tale and a hope-filled memoir. When Phillippe Paschali begins to obsessively practice yoga and meditation, he engages a kundalini experience which literally blows his mind. As he becomes more intimately connected and aware of the Oneness, he disconnects from his family and friends and pretty much disappears into the experiences. Teetering on the edge of madness and enlightenment, he finally finds the middle road that allows him to assist others in their own expansion. It's poignant, real and beautifully revealed. It lets seekers know they are not alone on their journey, and that life can be fulfilling once you satisfy your ego that you are safe and let go of your judgments about your process. It's poignant, joyful, devastating, and balanced in the end.

Click to read the December article by Phillippe.

Relationship Magic by Guy Finley

In Relationship Magic, renowned spiritual teacher Guy Finley shares key insights and lessons for building a beautiful, enduring relationship with the one you love...and better relationships with everyone you know. Learn how to use your differences to become more loving and kind with one another. Discover how to bring arguments to a dead stop, while deepening the bond between you and your partner at the same time. Break old patterns that are keeping you stuck, and learn to love your partner fully—without the fear of loss—in spite of painful relationships in the past. With hands-on exercises to help individuals and couples put this brilliant material into practice right away, this book will help you heal your core wounds and make your relationships thrive again.

Praise: "Relationships are what make life worth living, but can also cause our greatest pains. Relationship Magic is a treasure full of practical information that can help you have healthier and more satisfying relationships and a happier life."—Daniel G. Amen, MD, Founder Amen Clinics and Author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

"A great love story isn't like it is in the movies. It's not picture perfect and it's not without its flaws, it's raw and at times complicated. Guy Finley's Relationship Magic reads as authentic and relatable because it isn't about fluff and is anything but sugar-coated. It nails the hard stuff that we are scared to talk about and digs into the deep-rooted issues so that a strong foundation for growing and healing can begin. Relationship Magic is undeniably captivating while giving practical and constructive advice for the ages."—Francesca Luca, radio host


You are Not Broken by Rhonda Harris-Choudhry

This book will teach you how to:
Remove the toxic energy debris caused by past and present traumas
Remove the energy cords attaching you to negative people and circumstances
Understand the lessons your trials have brought you to help you move past them and on with your life. Identify your custom psychic gifts to utilize them to help you manifest your desires
To retrain your subconscious so that it works for you and not against you
Use emotional shapeshifting to raise your vibration and attract what you want
And teach you how to customize the law of attraction so that it works specifically for you and your specific needs. This book is especially helpful for spiritual workers and healers who provide so much service to the world but find their own lives in chaos or just can’t seem to get for themselves what they so generously provide for others. You are not broken so let’s get started bringing positive change into your life. Namaste and Blessed Be. ~Rhondra Choudry READ MORE

Lasting Impressions by Geoffrey Jowett
A Medium’s Cherished Messages from Spirit

The natural and supernatural worlds are deeply intertwined. And though many of us may have difficulty accessing the spirit world, there are those among us who have the ability to sense and connect with the unseen world of spirit, bridging the gap and linking them together for us. In Lasting Impressions, author and medium Geoffrey Jowett invites us on his remarkable lifelong journey serving the spirit world, where he accepted the honor and reverence of being a mediuma voice for beings who have crossed the bridge into spirit. From his earliest memories of staring with awe and wonder at the luminescent entities that would visit him as a child, to his life of training and cultivating his interest in spirituality and higher consciousness. READ MORE

21 Metaphysical Secrets

Erik Tao

If you're caught between far-out beliefs and practicality, this book will bridge the gaps so you can feel comfortable pursuing your spiritual/metaphysical path. It's a great resource for moving your energy and changing your mind and habits. ~Sandy Penny

Into the Light

John Lerma, M.D.

Dr. Lerma was the head of the largest hospice in the world. he collected 10 years of deathbed stories of angel visits, deceased family members and other comforting visitors. ~Sandy Penny  READ MORE

7 Book Set of Abraham/Esther Hicks

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