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I have also set up two Facebook pages to keep you up-to-date.

1: Houston Spirituality Events  |   2: Spiritual Study.

The Facebook group pages will allow instant updating for spiritual/metaphysical authors, teachers, seekers, explorers, expanders, ascenders, and event hosts.

I think you'll enjoy it a lot.  

Please feel free to explore as much of the content as you want. I will also send out periodic notices of special events, content, and inspiration - so if you want to continue receiving that, just sign up and stay on the mailing list. I promise not to overuse the list. That's always been my priority. The Monthly Energy Updates will be posted on the Spiritual Study FaceBook page. Monthly Astrology Updates are now linked to the sites of the Astrologers where they post their monthly updates. New meditations and videos will be shared on the Meditations & Spiritual Tools page as I find them. I hope you'll make good use of these gifts from many wisdom teachers. All the articles shared on each Wisdom Author's page will continue to be available 

It has been my pleasure to share all the wisdom that has come my way, and I will continue to do that as it is my nature to do so. I hope you'll stay with me as there will be a lot to share coming up at this time of global transformation.

I'd love to hear from you at my sandypenny@live.com address anytime. I'm happy to answer questions, address issues, and send out healing and love for all. 

Be Happy | Be Healthy | Be Abundant | Be Joyful | Live Long & Prosper and Keep Learning.

~Sandy Penny, Editor/Publisher HSM


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Monthly Energy Updates from Various Teachers

Future articles, videos, and audios will also be located on the FaceBook page.

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