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When I awakened and began to consciously develop my relationship with Spirit and build my spiritual power structure, I knew, without a doubt, that I was a changed person. My life changed, my way of thinking changed, my emotional awareness and sense of responsibility changed. And the most powerful lesson I learned was that, "When I thought I could do something, I could." When it dawned on me that I could heal myself and others, tune in to psychic and future information and trends, see angels and other unseens, talk with my light being guides, understand archetypal symbols and know my purpose and path, I immediately gained those abilities. The test of whether you have truly integrated a belief and shifted to knowing is whether it works for you in your life. Accepting the possibility of a reality is a step toward true knowing but not the same. True knowing requires action in the direction of your convictions, and that results in confirmation of your chosen reality. 

~Sandy Penny | Editor |



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