Dear Cosmos ...

Namaste Fellow Starseeds …

I AM, like many of You Are, a Starseed having Remembrances, Transformational Abilities, and Cosmic and Inter-Dimensional Connections.  

I AM here to assist ALL Spirits who choose to harmonize and integrate their Personal, Galactic, Intergalactic and Inter-Dimensional missions and agendas.  I AM here to assist YOUR Journey into BEing ALL the JOYous expressions of YOUr Divine Hearts ...  NOW and FOREVERMORE.

 I AM also a 'Transition Specialist' for Bardo intake and debriefing meetings in which Spirit/Souls review, renegotiate and set new agendas, prior to incarnating into new physical expressions, into this life again or an after-this-life experience.

“Going from ‘Here’ to the ‘Here and Now’ and ‘Then’…”

~ Namaste - David/LE              

My passion for assisting ‘Starseeds’ to ‘Go-Beyond’ culminated in meeting my partner, 
Jackie Self, in 2012.  Together we are founders of:

ONE-TLC: Oneness - Now - Energy ~ Transformational - Light - Center.

ONE-TLC empowers others to become Self-Masters and Transformational Life Coaches through their unique program of training called ‘Now Living Potentials’.  We invite you to explore ONE-TLC

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Here is a three minute YouTube Video that will give you a visual representation of where ALL these realities start from. Read Part 5 for More Info.
The Good Awakening cartoon
Part 1 - April
Part 2 - May
Part 3 - June
Part 4 - July

See Part 2 above to find out why this video is here.

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