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DECEMBER - 3 Powerful Video Practices to End the Year on a High Note

As I listened to these 3 videos, I realized they were perfect for the December Magazine and that they were delightfully on target to set me up for 2020. The Clearing VIdeo by Johanna Bassols is perfect for the holiday as you clear before and after visitors, family, & friends.  One of my objections to Esther Hicks/Abraham has often been that she was so eloquent in speaking how things work, but did not deliver practices that would help you get there. "You Are Light" does that perfectly. Could be the only meditation you'll ever need. The Mount Shasta Global Ascension meditation is so beautiful, calming and centering. You'll want to watch it instead of just listening as it is such a wonderful visual experience. ~Sandy Penny, Editor

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Free Five Minutes to Peace Audio Meditations

  • Start with the Stair Release for Clearing. Climb 10 stairs, dropping something limiting on each stair and pick up something that shifts that energy.

  • Use the Rising Sun for Chakra Alignment and then proceed to the next Confirmations. This meditation moves energy through each chakra, clearing and energizing them. 

  • Confirmations for Abundance and the Life Mantras. It's a process. Positive statements for living a wholisticlife. 




Try this for a powerful guided meditation experience:

Click the Mantras audio below, and at the same time, click the Happiness Frequency on the right. Then start repeating the mantras out loud while the audios play. This will build a powerful wall of energy to share with others and to enhance your own energy. I promise it's a powerful energizing practice from my own experience.

Mantras w-sound.mp3

Happiness Frequency: 💚 Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphin Release Music,
Binaural Beats Relaxing Music

Mystic Harry B Happy . Vibrational Sound Master

Harry performs his amazing mystical gong meditations at The Path of Tea, so you can call for his next scheduled event to experience this in person. You can also get a cup of wonderful organic tea at the same time.  Harry also has CDs of his longer meditations for your listening pleasure and soul elevation. 

2340 W Alabama St
Houston,TX 77098


A Guided Meditation with Rose Quartz by Shannon . Reiki Gem Wellness

Guided Meditations with Shannon

Reiki Gem Wellness . Houston TX

Shannon Servesko has been a Reiki Master/Teacher for over a decade, and it serves her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health every day. She has had a life-long love affair with stones and crystals of all shapes and forms. Shannon’s family would visit the Oregon Coast every weekend and would bring home buckets of stones to tumble. They would collect “thunder eggs” (geodes) in the Oregon desert. The collecting and gathering never ceased.  She is also an International Gem Society Certified Professional Gemologist.  Shannon uses her Reiki skills with her knowledge and passion for stones to create beautiful healing jewelry, Reiki-tumbled gemstones, and a variety of educational videos to help you incorporate Crystal Healing into your Daily Life!

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FAMOUS EVOLUTIONARY FILMS - How Lucky are We to Get these Free?

A Short on Visualization & Motvation
with Jack Canfield-For the Soul Books

Forgiveness Practice


A Visual Meditation in Motion
Leopold Gallery presents:
Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures
Louise Hay Morning Meditation

LEE HARRIS - Beautiful Souls:
Preparing for Humanity's Awakening

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