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The Cosmic Wisdom Authors and the Astrology Page Authors comprise the Houston Spirituality Magazine's monthly team. They provide ongoing content every month in the Cosmic Wisdom columns. There are other authors featured on the Articles page and throughout the magazine who share their wisdom on a less regular basis as guest authors. We are so blessed and grateful to have these wonderful contributors to our broad metaphysical  |spiritual base of knowledge and understanding. Most Members of the Cosmic Wisdom Team are from Houston. This city is an incubator for birthing ideas and practices for New Age/Fifth Dimensional Life. Read . Learn . Enjoy and come back often. Use the drop down menu for the author's name or go to this month's articles page for their current article links. The list on the right is linked to their pages.

How to Use this Magazine as a Spiritual Practice:

Some have said the magazine provides so much wisdom that it is overwhelming.

You can use this magazine as a SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE and a way of developing your spiritual discernment.

  • Browse the images on the cover page and choose the one that most draws your attention and click it.
  • Every image is linked to a page, an article, or an experience.
  • Go to that link and do the same with the images/articles/video/audio there. Feel the energy from what wants you to click it, and then read, listen or watch what draws your attention. 
  • Return to the Welcome Page OR Monthly Contents Drop Down Menu and do it again. 

Or browse the navigation bar, and feel the energy of the topic. You'll definitely notice energy in certain links that is just for you. Ignore your mind and trust your inner feeling.

It's a fun way to navigate important information
in this time of great shifts.

Follow your own Guidance & Enjoy the process.

Cordially ~ Sandy Penny . Spiritual Explorer .
Publisher . Editor . Author . Proofreader .

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