Prosperity Through Generosity

The key to being generous is to give with an open heart and no expectation of getting it back from the same person or organization with whom you were generous. The universal system or law of attraction can use any open doorway through which to flow its blessings and abundance. As long as you stay in the mindset of abundance, the flow will reach you. The wealthiest people know that prosperity depends on generosity. That is why the ultra-rich start donating more money as they get richer. There are many ways to share your wealth: money, time, skills, information, wisdom, ideas, suggestions, and encouragement. How do you give back, and do you know how much you receive as the energy goes round and round? I have embraced the concept of prosperity through generosity for most of my adult life, and it has served me well. ~Sandy Penny  READ MORE

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This is a 12-layer prosperity talisman with a mantra for prosperity. It includes money, cars, houses, food, gift cards, presents, health, appreciation, friends, love, joy, work, and peace of mind. What is your heart's and soul's desire? Use it generously.
I have used this mantra for many years, and it has served me well, along with "I have all the Time, Money & Energy to do whatever Brings me Joy." ~SandyPenny       

Here are a few options for giving back:

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This is the (Nuts and Bolts) heart of what Amazing Grace Charities is about. Please watch, learn, share and together we can make a better place. To help those that are less fortunate FREE of cost. We encourage you to be apart of a unique charity, where your voice, donations and participation are acknowledged. Update: Our distribution center flooded, and we sort at a storage unit and Boutique. Please call us, IM us on @Amazing Grace Charities Page when your ready to donate.
Be blessed! 

~Maria De Boves Cummings, Founder

You can sign up for daily reminders from the Hunger Site/Greater Good and choose to click on pages that resonate with your giving inclinations. I've been giving to The Hunger Site page since it first started, every day, first thing in the morning. All it costs me is the time to click on it, and then I also click on Literacy to give books and The Rainforest to save important land that provides plants for medicines and food and animal/human habitats. There are many other choices, and you can click on one or all of them. Click the photo above to go to the site and give for free. It feels good to share.  ~Sandy Penny - CLICK TO DONATE

15 Ways to Be Generous

  1. Babysit for friends so they can have a date night
  2. Donate your company’s services or products to someone in need of them
  3. Give away the next thing someone compliments you on
  4. Schedule an hour every week to donate your time helping someone
  5. Pay for the car behind you in the drive thru
  6. Take your neighbor’s trash can back from the street
  7. Do someone else’s chores
  8. Sell something you own and donate the proceeds
  9. Talk with your family about how you can give to others as a family
  10. Carry $20 or $10 or $100 in your pocket tomorrow, and look for an opportunity to give it away
  11. Donate wonderful items that you no longer use to charities or individuals
  12. Pay for someone’s groceries
  13. Grab some friends and a few neighbors you don't know and throw a free BBQ or picnic
  14. Hold a vision for someone else's success
  15. Create a blog that shares information only  you can provide
prosperity through generosity

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