APRIL  2021


APRIL 26 (Monday) | Full Pink SuperMoon | 10:33 p.m. Central Time U.S.A. (CLICK FOR MORE)

This year, we’ll be treated to two supermoons, with the first occurring on April 26 and the second on May 26. Supermoons are said to be bigger and brighter than your average full Moon. Just how big and how bright, exactly? On average, supermoons are about 7% bigger and about 15% brighter than a typical full Moon. Best watching time is just after it rises when it will look its largest. The moon itself will not be pink, the name refers to the pink flowers that bloom around this time. It is said that the April, May, and June Full Moons provide gateway access to the ascended masters.

"April is a busy month completing tasks and sorting through too much information."  ~ Robert E. Brown, Astrologer

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Robert E. Brown ... Astrologer Extraordinaire

Robert E. Brown is a native-born Houstonian. He has worked with his intuition since 1984 when he began channeling for groups in Houston. His first clients were at local psychic fairs and the Texas Renaissance Festival. He has written his astrology column “Writings in the Sky” for the Indigo Sun Magazine since 1994. He now continues with Houston Spirituality Magazine offering is monthly astrocast updates.

Robert feels astrology is an ongoing study. He is always learning in order to remain proficient at his craft. In a typical reading he combines his knowledge of astrology, the playing cards, and his psychic abilities. Specialties include relationships, career path, relocation possibilities and timing of events such as weddings and business matters.

He has furthered his metaphysical lifestyle through the study of meditation and yoga. An avid seeker, he has studied the teachings of some of the world’s great spiritual teachers. 

“I am a big fan of Ammachi and the Dalai Lama.” ~Robert E. Brown

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Potential fireworks suggested by the charts of two very well known and influential people. That and much more, including COVID-19 activity, in the April astrology forecast. Ready for your personal consultation on your own horoscope? 

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