Tales from the Path

Embracing the Truth of Your Divinity 

by Jackie Self

Divine Spiritual Guidance ~  

Divine Spiritual Guidance makes itself available in every moment of our lives.  It has the most impact when we are truly ready to listen with a trusting heart.

Learning to acknowledge our ‘True Voice’ of Divine Guidance can be less than easy due to the ‘many voices’ that vie for our attention.  In my early days of Awakening … Guidance was a faint ‘inner’ voice. I kept my mind so busy that I could not hear my inner voice very often. 

One day in particular I did hear it, very distinctly, as I was about to dive into a new experience. The voice asked ‘is this what you Really want?”  

I was caught up in the moment and ignored this voice of Divine Guidance.  That moment of ignorance played out earnestly in the months to follow through mental and emotional anguish.  I learned a deep lesson; pay attention and respect this voice.  

There was a time in my life in which Divine Guidance could only get my attention through perceived ‘outer’ means.  I would hear a voice call out my name in the middle of the night, proceeded by a knock on my bedroom door.  This would awaken me from a deep sleep, leaving me wide awake, concerned, yet curious as to who was trying to wake me and why.  

In the fall of 2000 I went through a period of confusion in which I didn’t know who I was.  I spent many nights outside in front of a blazing campfire in dissolution as the blue, orange, and golden flames mesmerized me.  Ever since that time my inner voice has eluded me.  I felt alone.  I now know that this was my plan.  I was beginning an inward journey to discover; Who I was, What I was, and Why I was.

This inward journey was leading me to discover the Divine Spirit that I AM which had taken a back seat to the Human Self that I thought I was.  Some would call the Human Self the ‘Personality’ which can be considered an aspect of oneself that creates stories and drama for the sake of identity.  

Perhaps you are on an inward journey as well, and have come to the realization that you have chosen to be here now for the grand evolution of the human body and mind, to create within YourSelf the new Divine Human BEing.  At the end of the journey, our Human and Divine Spirit become ONE… therefore Divine Spiritual Guidance becomes our KNOWINGNESS. 

It first begins with a partnership between the Heart and Mind; the alignment of our thoughts, words, and feelings/actions.

Trust is an absolute must for this partnership to become successful.

It is necessary for the Human Self to ‘Trust’ the Divine Spirit to lead the way.  This allows the Divine Spirit to express fully through the Human self.  It is a win-win experience for both as the Divine Spirit always chooses the highest good for all AND the effortless way.

Clarity in communication is a key to this partnership as in any other partnership that one may have.  The Human Self can have its needs and desires fulfilled while the Divine Spirit feels its expression through expansive states of BE-ing.  How can it get any better than this?

Our Heart and Mind are transmitters and receivers of frequency information within our human bodies which are beautiful yet complex.  Our body is an animation of our consciousness; therefore whatever occurs within our body is a clue as to what is occurring within our consciousness.    It is essential that we have ‘open’ spiritual pathways within and outside of the body so that we receive clear communication.  

When we find discomfort in our body, the Human Self and Divine Spirit are letting us know that they are out of alignment.  In some way we have not been allowing the feelings of Love, Gratitude, Peace, or Joy, etc. into our lives and environment.  We can re-align by allowing these states of BE-ing to become our natural response to any situation that arises.  It is as simple as that.

The Divine Human when fully Realized and Integrated will have the capability to access full use of its creative abilities to enable its Multidimensional Aspects to have greater experience and expression. 

As one walks this journey, one becomes stronger in knowing Divine Spiritual Guidance as the ‘True Voice’ of Intuition. When Intuition is an implicit Knowing and Trust it allows the Human Self to act on messages received without confusion, self doubt, or hesitation. 

I invite you to visit ONE-TLC www.thecarmineconnection.com to begin or continue Your Transformational Journey into discovering more of Who, What, and Why you ARE… for greater Understanding, Clarity, and Fulfillment.

May your journey be filled with Trust Within YourSelf and resultant Action to create the life of Your Dreams!

About the Author:

Jackie Self is an integrated Starseed with Transformational abilities who embraces the Essence of Heartfelt Love & Appreciation for Nature, Mother Earth and Her inhabitants.  

Jackie and David are co-founders of ONE-TLC (Oneness Now Energy – Transformational Light Center).  

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