Vignettes from Angelic Realms

by Nancy Robinson

I use my Higher Vision, Medical Empathic skills, and Vibrational Energy to help you reach your own special talents and gifts, gain clarity for your Divine Soul plan, and clear energy blocks on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels so you can create your best life now.

Several years ago, I started receiving inspired writing from the Angelic Realms as I worked with vibrational energies to help clients. The purpose of the writing is to encourage and assist those who are ready to change and heal their lives.

My inspired writing is intended to be optimistic, uplifting, and helpful. Sometimes the articles come easily and other times I may work for several hours to get the phrasing and vibrational energy just right. As I receive a topic, I often feel a special energy and Divine Angelic presence helping me.

I hope these articles inspire and give hope to you. I combine these with the vibrational energy work that I do to assist and help others reach their most joyful life now.

If you are ready for a change, an Elicor Awakening session may be very powerful for you. Please call for a free consultation.

~In Light, Nancy Robinson . 817.898.9004 .


I’m sending extra transmissions of energy through this article to help those reading it activate more abundance and receiving. ~Nancy Robinson
Whose race are you running? Your parents, society's, your boss's or your own? Life can be so much more fulfilling when you run your own race. ~Sandy Penny

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