Celebrating Ginger McCord

Creator, Editor, Publisher of The Indigo Sun, Metaphysical Explorer, Amazing Astrologer. 
Made her transition on August 3, 2018. She is missed, but her legacy continues.

Ginger tells the story of how and why she started and continued The Indigo Sun Magazine.

Ginger and Diane discuss the Aquarian Age, Astrology, and Archetypal Living

In Ginger McCord's Own Voice

When Ginger McCord, Publisher and Editor/Author of The Indigo Sun Magazine was asked how she got into all this, she said, "I was in my early 20s, and my friends wanted to go to a psychic. I was against it, but I had the car, so I agreed to take them. But once there, I had a reading, and the psychic was awesome. She blew my mind. I started learning healing and crystals and other things, but I was very hidden with it. But she woke me up, and I couldn't go back to sleep. And then I discovered The Aquarian Age Bookshelf, and got into Astrology. I felt so at home. And I found people to talk to. I started the Indigo Sun because I didn't want other people to be so alone on their path. I felt closer than ever to God, not further away as those who were afraid thought. Since then, I've been a touchpoint for many people to find those of like mind so they can talk about it. Families and friends may not understand, but there are people and places who believe like you do, and you need them. My path has been to share all kinds of information so those who need it can find it. And the rest is history and the Great Mystery."

"Before the Indigo Sun, I created the Rising Sun, very much following the same guidance that Ginger discusses. When she and Carol Money came to me asking for help and advice to start a new magazine (I was no longer publishing), I knew it was a continuation of the spiritual energy I had been following. So I gave them the benefit of my experiences, helped them figure out advertising and printing; and I wrote The Sanctuary Column for years. When Ginger left the planet, I was back in Houston after 10 years in New Mexico, and Iknew I had to keep the energy going, and so HoustonSpirituality.com was born as an Aquarian Age electronic publication." ~Sandy Penny


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