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2021  JULY  |  Transformation Time

Trisha Keel, PhD
Author. Advisor . Counselor . Feng Shui Consultant

Trisha Keel, PhD, has a vast and eclectic scope of interests. At home with the angels and saints as well as gods and goddesses, her keen awareness of symbolism and archetypes brings dreams and visions to her studies. Star lore and astrology, prehistory and legend, Druids, and visionaries are all part of Keel’s skill set, allowing her to answer questions, reveal the Mysteries, and enlighten seekers. A natural-born teacher as well as a degreed and certified master teacher, Dr. Keel is a lifelong learner who is gifted with the ability to pan for gold among all collections of information. A teacher of the Wisdom, she provides classes in Practical Magic, Energy Clearing, the Art of Living, and The Nature of the Soul. Former Director of Education on the Board of the International Feng Shui Guild, Trisha Keel is a Feng Shui Master, published author, and creator of the well-loved and annually created Feng Shui & Moon Magic Calendar. She is a teacher and trainer whose goals are to empower, encourage, and expand the magic in everyday life. Look for all her books on Amazon and all her workshops at Tomorrow's Key, Opportunities to Learn and Grow. VISIT HER WEBSITE


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