Tales from the Path

Sandy Penny's Conscious Beginning

Back in 1976, I was recently divorced, being a disco queen, and dating a hot Iranian guy who was going to film school in Houston. He asked if I would interview people for a film he had to make for class. I asked the subject, and he said, "The Alternative Religious Groups in Houston." I found that interesting and agreed.  He made all the arrangements, and we interviewed the Sufis, the Sikhs and Rev. Eleanor Button of The Chapel of Prayer. My Iranian was a Muslim, but did not attend services here in the states, so, it was a pretty interesting subject for him to choose. I enjoyed the Sufi dancing and the gong meditation with the Sikhs, but when I started talking with Eleanor Button, I suddenly felt a connection with home. I was hooked.

In Ginger McCord's Own Voice

When Ginger McCord, Publisher and Editor/Author of The Indigo Sun Magazine was asked how she got into all this, she said, "I was in my early 20s, and my friends wanted to go to a psychic. I was against it, but I had the car, so I agreed to take them. But once there, I had a reading, and the psychic was awesome. She blew my mind. I started learning healing and crystals and other things, but I was very hidden with it. But she woke me up, and I couldn't go back to sleep. And then I discovered The Aquarian Age Bookshelf, and got into Astrology. I felt so at home. And I found people to talk to. I started the Indigo Sun because I didn't want other people to be so alone on their path. I felt closer than ever to God, not further away as those who were afraid thought. Since then, I've been a touchpoint for many people to find those of like mind so they can talk about it. Families and friends may not understand, but there are people and places who believe like you do, and you need them. My path has been to share all kinds of information so those who need it can find it. And the rest is history and the Great Mystery." 

Margaret  Rustan-Dixon Shares Her Numerology Journey
The Unicorn's Dance of the Numbers

I became interested in Numerology in the early 1960s. The first book on numerology I read was “Your Days Are Numbered” written by Florence Campbell, published in 1931 (the year of my birth) and that book still resides in my bookcase. ... I wrote a Student Handbook entitled “Numerology for Beginners.” In addition to the basic components, many little extras such as the number energy associated with your pet's name, social security number, home address, telephone number and more are included.

Claire Papin Shares Her Journey

Each of us has a story to share, with experiences that have guided our lives in ways that profoundly move us, teach us, heal us, and ultimately awaken us. It has been said that sharing personal stories is one of the most effective ways to offer inspiration for the hearts and minds of those who wish to receive. My stories are shared from a deep place in my heart, and are reflections that may be recognized as the Divine that is within us all. Whether we have recognized them or not, we each have experienced reflections of the Divine on our journey in unique and powerful ways. We sing them, write them, speak them, dance them, paint them, create and live them. You are not pushed to move forward in this seeming new direction, yet are called with every fiber of your being to take flight on the beckoning journey that lies ahead.
Here's how mine began ...

James Redfield's Story

James Redfield was 43 when he published The Celestine Prophecy. He has been keenly interested in human spirituality all of his life. Born on March 19, 1950, he grew up in a rural area near Birmingham, Alabama. From an early age, he was motivated by a need for clarity about spiritual matters. Brought up in a Methodist Church that was loving and community-oriented, he was nevertheless frustrated by a lack of answers to his questions about the true nature of spiritual experience. ... "I began to observe and then document the experiences of ordinary people who sought to live a Spiritual life in the early 1990s. I thought I would find profound evidence in view of how humans were evolving in consciousness."

How I Came to Understand the Wing Wang of Feng Shui

A Tale from the Path by Trisha Keel

For me, feng shui started out as an experiment at my home. I thought to myself, “I’ll give it a try and if it works—great. If not—I can always change it back again.” Bear in mind that all of this was a process, and did not happen in a single day, week or month.
I chose to start at the front door—the place where energy enters the home. 

How did a mature American Christian woman find herself in the jungles of Peru with a shaman?

A Tale from the Path by Sheryl Sitts

My nice, neat “American Dream” life fell completely to pieces, and I found myself injured on the massage table at a local chain where I met a practitioner studying with a shaman from the West Coast. We became friends, and she shared being nervous about going to the rainforest when I blurted out that I was supposed to go. Unemployed and divorced, I was shocked to hear myself say that, and even more shocked to find myself emptying my savings account to travel deep into the jungle along the Amazon river for a week. That trip changed my life and made me a poster-child for the 2012 shift! 

God’s autobiography ... that was my task at hand. What kind of God wrote the Bible? After a venture into the sometimes harsh and gory Old Testament, I went deeper into a lifelong quest to find the most loving writings answering my question ... who is God? First, I delved into the Kabbalah, and that led to the Egyptian Mysteries, to the secrets of Lao Tzu and Pythagoras.

As I searched to find the great concepts of a loving god, I discovered ancient people used music to love god, develop aspects of God, to heal flu, ease stress, make their garden grow, to lifting heavy rocks and oh my ... so much more!

Embracing the Truth of Your Divinity

A Tale from the Path by Jackie Self

Divine Spiritual Guidance makes itself available in every moment of our lives. It has the most impact when we are truly ready to listen with a trusting heart. Learning to acknowledge our ‘True Voice’ of Divine Guidance can be less than easy due to the ‘many voices’ that vie for our attention. In my early days of Awakening … Guidance was a faint ‘inner’ voice. I kept my mind so busy that I could not hear my inner voice very often.

Catherine Cogorno Shares

 Audio/Article Experiences from her Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Experiences, and she explains what Star HealingTM is and what it can do for you.

"... Star Healing was set into motion long, long ago, but like a whisper it wasn't always heard. Now the time is right for all to hear. ... ” ~Archangel Michael

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