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with Kitty Michele

Kitty Michele BIO

It is difficult to encapsulate a 57-year journey through the Metaphysical into just a few sentences but here goes ...

Kitty Michele Nelson, as she describes herself ‘is a Non-denominational Minister of Ecstatic, Eclectic, Non-Religious belief systems & Random Acts of Kindness. A Prognosticator of Mirth and Merriment’.

Beginning her formal instruction at the age of 7, her life-long study encompasses over twenty different styles of Healing modalities, which includes the study of and certifications as a bodyworker, Aromatherapist and Herbal Specialist, Massage and Craniosacral Therapist. She has also trained in the Body Detective technique with Dr. Patrick Price, the Emotional Freedom Technique, and other energetic modalities which include dowsing as a part of her skillset. Further her training in Advanced Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian tradition of Forgiveness, the Law of Attraction, and the Energetic Clearing Processes for a Better Life with Dr. Joe Vitale. She is currently investigating the use of Radionics, the Grabovoi healing codes and other less mainstream protocols with quite profound success.

A Renaissance woman, she has a deep love and fascination for anything Tesla. She incorporates his Scalar energy into the energetically imprinted healing tools, jewelry, and her custom Oil Blends. Her ability to work with energy appears even in her process of Aura Mapping™, which is an artistic translation of your energy bodies through the ‘painting’ of these fields using pastels. This map becomes a tool to use to connect to spirit or to work with your own energy bodies to help with growth & change.

Passionate and creative, ever on the move for self-actuation, self-evolution, and the empowerment of others, she strives to complete those whom she works with. This includes those who travel through the death and dying process of loved ones. Having walked 5 members of her family across the veil, she is keenly aware of the foibles that one faces when met with such an act of compassion. It truly is a gift of love. She offers guidance, strength, and understanding to those who find themselves on the End of Life Path as an advocate for the education of Caregivers through self-preservation and information. Her strong desire to work with Hospice organizations and businesses as well as those who require their services has led her to write articles and a manuscript on Living through Death.

She is a gifted Intuitive Channel who brings light and laughter to the table. As an old soul embracing the Crone, she shares her vast array of holistic, healing and spiritual practices with those who need her.

“I am everything & nothing.
I am what you need me to be at the time you need me most.
I am a voice for the dying,
a crafter of dreams & weaver of magics.
I have been Maiden, Mother & now Crone.

When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears”

Walk in a Beauty Way, Mitakuye Oyasin  ~Rev. Kitty Michele Nelson

Currently, she is offering her classes on the Energy of Being, the Law of Attraction, and other self-empowering practices as well as her unique readings of Aura Mapping, Tea leaf reading and Tarot or Palmistry at several of our local Houston area Metaphysical Centers.

She can be contacted through her email at ReverendKittyMichele@gmail.com, or you can send a text through 832-212-0707 and find her on Facebook.

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