"Re-claim your sovereign right over your own body-mind-soul system." ~Tom Paladino 

What is Scalar Energy and Scalar Light?

Scalar Light is an instrument developed by Tom Paladino inspired by the science of Nikola Tesla and other scalar energy physicists.

Scalar LIGHT ™ harnesses scalar energy, a fundamental energy that is abundant in the universe. Starlight and sunlight are comprised of scalar light. That is why the instrument Tom invented is called SCALAR LIGHT.

Many think it is gravity which holds planets in mid-space, but it is none other than scalar energy itself.

Prana, chi, qi or Ki are relatable to some traditional cultures or spiritual seekers in general. Similarly, terms known by the physics, science, and research communities are:

Radiant energy, eloptic energy, torsion energy, scalar energy. Physicists now agree to adopting ONE term: THE FIELD or the unified field. And this field of light not visible to the naked eye connects us all! It is called QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT.

Scalar energy and SCALAR LIGHT are omnipresent in the universe and SCALAR LIGHT is emitted from the sun or starlight. This energy is extremely beneficial for all living things. This is the energy that creates WORLDS

Scalar Light sessions are like plugging into your life force energy. (I have used the term “subtle energy body: or subtle energies”)

This is another term for our energy field and widely accepted, the unified field.

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