Gratitude has become one of the most commonly recommended forms of self care and while I, like many others, have heard about gratitude journals, gratitude stones, and daily gratitude practices for years, I didn’t really believe it would work until I experienced it for myself. MORE

Like calm waters, when your mind stills, you can truly reflect. When the waters are choppy, there is no reflection, only fragments and fractures. Both those words derive from the word "break." When your mind is storm-tossed, your connection to the Collective Consciousness is broken. You cannot receive guidance in your time of chaos. You are lost at sea. MORE 

  • Transformation Time, Grace by Trisha Keel

When you realize you are in an extraordinary encounter, you discover that there are myriad meanings unfolding simultaneously with the meaningless in that time out of Time. The depth of consciousness from which you perceive extends the results of the impact of that moment of Grace. MORE

  • The Basics of Numerology-Calculating

by Margaret Rustan, Unicorn Wisdom MORE

Sandy Penny's Prosperity Through Generosity Story of Synchronicity

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