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Rev Dorothea/Mohanna Sky:

Dorothea Cangelosi Founded The Yellow Brick Road Healing and Learning Center in Montrose in Houston, Texas in the late eighties. She is an internationally known speaker, author and teacher, metaphysician, psychic-clairvoyant, and spiritual counselor. She has appeared as a guest frequently on television and radio shows and co-hosted a local radio show in Houston.

She experienced her first vision at the tender age of three. She had a near-death experience at seven when she met St. Germaine.

More than 4o years ago, Dorothea began working in whatever area she was called to. From New Mexico, Sedona, the Yucatan, Arkansas, England, Scotland, Lithuania, Poland. Egypt. Peru, Yucatan, Guatemala, to name a few. She was invited to Poland, where her mission was to assist in clearing and opening dimensions to release trapped energies in the Nazi prison camps. It was a challenging adventure, as Poland was still under communist control. Her work took nearly a month to complete.

Crystal bowls came into Dorothea's life first in dreams and visions; then after the Harmonic Conversion in 1987, the bowls manifested into her world, and she has been leading guided meditations and activations throughout the world ever since. As she explains the process, "The sound and light set up a frequency that heals and balances the etheric, mental, causal, astral, and physical bodies. The sounds that the bowls send forth clear and heal not just the ones who gather but the dimension we live in.

It is Dorothea's belief that "Growth and change is the way to awakening and mastering one’s self. Connecting with nature is the way we will find our way back to who we are; one part Angel and one part Human - as it always was the physical manifestation of God on Earth."

Now she has the Land of Oz Wellness Ranch in Waller where she leads Crystal Bowl Meditations, S.R.I. (Soul Reaching Infinity) workshops, Firewalks, sweat lodges, vision quests, fire meditations, and earth grounding classes to assist in the expansion of consciousness.

She is available for counseling, readings and healings.


Land of Oz Wellness Ranch, 15016 Mathis Rd., Waller, Texas 77484

832-914-9307 . . Facebook: Mohanna Sky

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