Eco-Friendly - DECEMBER 2018

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Spend a minute immersed in this image, exploring all its elements, and then imagine that the kids and pups have gone outside to play. Pull out the chair nearest you and sit. She pours you a cup of tea, then sits down across from you asking, “So what’s on your mind?”

In no particular order, you share your concerns about the world. You tell her that you are watching the hurricane season with growing concern. Her eyes are compassionate as she considers the hardships people will endure. You wonder if the latest great storm will actually hit head on. “Whatever happens,” she murmurs, “will be dealt with.”

Trisha Keel, PhD, is a Teacher of the Wisdom and a Keeper of the Keys. A holistic life coach, Feng Shui Master, and Master Teacher, Trisha is a prolific author whose mission is to help those who seek to find their own answers. Look for all her books on Amazon and all her workshops at Tomorrow's Key, Opportunities to Learn and Grow.

Claire Papin interviews Marc Cool on Growing, Saving, & Storing Organic Seeds  People from all over the world are taking part in designing more sustainable, community-based food systems, and a record number of them are starting their own vegetable and fruit gardens.  My guest Marc Cool, the seed director from Seeds of Change, shares tips on how to grow your own food; as well as how to harvest and store your seeds. 

Interview Guest - Marc Cool .mp3

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