Sheryl Sitts on Gratitude and Thankfulness
Howl of the Wolf – Full of Spirits!
by Mike Shackleford Holt

"The wolves know how to capture your heart and soul, like no other living being in the wilderness."

Exploring: Even in my college days, I had developed a passion for traveling, and I thought being a secondary teacher would afford me the time to “see the world,” since teaching is fairly generous with holidays and a good portion of summer vacation. 

Howl of the Wolf Spirits ...  

Nelson Mandela on the Spirit of Ubuntu - An Open Heart

Why Spinal Problems Often Return

Dr. Jackie St.Cyr, Doctor of Chiropractic

Can’t shake your low back pain? Chiropractic skeptics often pooh-pooh the idea of periodic chiropractic checkups after symptoms subside with the classic, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” line. This justification often results in a relapse into the original problem for countless patients. 

Why? Because biomechanical changes along the spine affecting nerves and muscles don’t heal like a cut, infection, or some other self-resolving health condition. 

Addressing Long Lasting Problems: 
By the time spinal problems produce obvious symptoms, the problem has been there for some time—maybe even decades. Yet the symptom didn’t emerge until “last week, when I bent down to pick up the paper.”

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Timing is everything. Yet time is nothing at all. How does that work? Timing is more than awareness of and alignment with the natural cycles of life. This begs the question of when is “the right time” for action, questions, or transformations.

What are your favorite images to put up on your Wonder Screen? When your eyes wander upward and your mind wanders off, what do you love most to see take shape in your mind’s eye? You DO realize you get to choose the show, right? 

Trisha Keel, PhD, is a Teacher of the Wisdom and a Keeper of the Keys. A holistic life coach, Feng Shui Master, and Master Teacher, Trisha is a prolific author whose mission it is to help those who seek find their answers. Look for all her books on Amazon and all her workshops at Tomorrow's Key, Opportunities to Learn and Grow.

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Listen to Ken Elliott, Manifesting 1-2-3 Interview.

November is a month of abundance. In honor of that abundance, Claire shares her awesome interview with Ken Elliott, the author of Manifesting 1-2-3 (and you don't need 3)

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How to Consciously Create Our Heart’s Desires

"How can I learn to manifest?” 

Classes, books, and programs on how to manifest have become all the rage. Ironically, we are already manifesting. In fact, we couldn’t stop manifesting if we tried!

Our greatest journey of possibilities is the journey inward through the layers to transform our lives from the inside out. 

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