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MARCH 2020 ... 2020 is a year of perfect vision and building compassionate creations. March is a 3 month, and 3/2020 = a Universal 7 which makes it a month to create spiritual endeavors. Energies that will support or challenge you are: fertility, rebirth, planting, changing, moving, the challenge of battling or allowing, explosive expression, breakthrough, resilience, strength, determination, innovation, water and sacred wells, chalice, cauldron, nurturing, expecting. For more March info, visit our Astrology page. 

We have several regular monthly energy updates that help you stay on track and aligned with the latest energy influx and your highest good.
We also have some new FREE Houston mystical meditations on the Free Meditations Page to help you grow, expand and transform yourself.
All the images are linked to their pages. There are so many wonderful articles, videos, and audios for your expansion and personal growth. There are Healthy Food, Healthy Body and Eco-Friendly articles to improve your life, and Positive Inspirational Memes. Videos, Audios, and Articles that present Magic, Mysteries, Miracles, and UFOs.

March 2020 - Our Cosmic Wisdom Monthly Authors share ...

  • Margaret Rustan-Dixon:  Change is a Constant | Unicorn Wisdom
  • Sandy Penny:  Attracting & Manifesting Your Highest Good | Messages from Beyond the Veils
  • Jackie Self: Keeping An Open Mind & Heart, Allowing & Accepting | Embracing the truth of Your Divinity
  • David/LE:  Finally We Meet Again | Soul & Star Families | Ask the Cosmos
  • Astrology: Monthly Astrocast by Robert E. Brown. 
  • Claire Papin: You Grow Girl - Interview with Gayla Trail | Lighted Paths
  • Michele Blood: Are Your a True Mystic? | Article, Video, Class | The Mystical Experience
  • Jill Mattson: Your Garden's Song article | Use Music for Plant Growth video | Vibratory Healing
  • Nancy Robinson:  (3 articles) | Vignettes from Angelic Realms
    1.  Are you Willing to do the work to have your best life?
    2. Joyful Noise | Can You Hear the Sounds of New Transformational Energies?
    3. The Power of Forgiving with Tips
  • Trisha Keel:  (3 articles) | Transformation Time
    1. Go Fish | Conscious or Mindless?
    2. The Magic of In Between Time
    3. Tranquil Mind | The Cycles of Life

MARCH 2020 FEATURED BOOKS with reviews and links to purchase pages.

Healthy Body Articles:  

  • Let's Eliminate the Coronavirus Now! | by Kathleen Kuffner
  • There's Something I Forgot to Tell You | Unexpected Side Effects of Chiropractic |Dr. Jackie St.Cyr

Eco-Friendly Articles: 

  • The Wolves are Full of Surprises, Mystique, and Wonder by Mike Holt. (Personal experience, photos, videos, wolf calls.
  • Causes, Effects, and Solutions for Air Pollution ... Clean It Up! 
  • You Grow Girl, interview by Claire Papin | Organic Gardening with Gayla Trail

Healthy Food Articles:

  • 25 Best Vegetarian Soup Recipes by
  • The Importance of Soup in our Diet by
  • Kiran's Traditional Indian . Modern Chef (link to website)
  • Govinda's Vegetarian & Vegan Daily Buffet (link to website)

Free Meditations & Tools for Transformation: 

  • 7 Chakras Guided Meditation by Kathy Rose
  • Aquamarine Crystal Meditation (March Birthstone)
  • How to Meditate Properly by Abraham/Esther Hicks

Prosperity Through Generosity:

  • Manifesting Abundance with Prosperity Through Generosity by Nancy Robinson
  • The Magic and Rewards of Prosperity Through Generosity by Sandy Penny

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The Secret: Dare to Dream - Watch the Trailer Now!

There's a new movie coming out in April based on the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It's a metaphysical romance. Love the trailer. Can't wait to see it.



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