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Each decision you make sails you forward one square on Life's checkerboard. You have a destination in mind; you look toward it daily, sailing in its direction with each choice. Many travel with you, but their ultimate goal is different. As long as the trip proceeds in their desired direction, they will align with your progress. When they need to, they will disembark and go their own way.

Who showed you how to be thoughtful? To take the feelings or needs of others into consideration? Who did you watch be thoughtful of you to learn that? Your parents and grandparents were very likely the first ones who thoughtfully tended to your needs. But who is it that you think of with the warmest recollections? There is your heart’s heart.

Trisha Keel, PhD, is a Teacher of the Wisdom and a Keeper of the Keys. A holistic life coach, Feng Shui Master, and Master Teacher, Trisha is a prolific author whose mission it is to help those who seek find their answers. Look for all her books on Amazon and all her workshops at Tomorrow's Key, Opportunities to Learn and Grow.

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